Charity Fundraising Policy

Recent visitors to the shop may have noticed the World Aids Day box on the counter, selling wrist bands, pens and ribbons for ACON. One of our members asked that we place it there, and we did so. If you bought an item, or made a donation into that box, be assured that your money will go to ACON.
But selling items like wrist bands and pens and pins, for whatever the cause, prompted some discussion and thought amongst our members. (For example, someone pointed out that plastic wrist bands that end their lives in landfill have potentially disastrous impacts on small animals and birds.) So we’ve now come up with a clear policy on advertising and collecting for charities at the shop.
Starting in January, we will place a small (very small! we have so little counter space!) charity collection box on the counter. Members who have a charity to promote may nominate their charity for the position of “charity of the month”. The steering committe will select charities for each month, and the main selection criteria is that the charity’s aims must  be a good fit with the co-op ethics and values.
We’ll include a note in our monthly bulletin and on our Events and Causes page about the charity of the month.
If you’d like to promote or nominate your charity or cause as charity of the month, please email us.

Please don’t ask us to promote or advertise for-profit enterprises or businesses, or political parties.