Veggies Galore

Next time you’re down at the co-op, check out the article on Dapto Community Farm. It appeared in last week’s Mercury (July 22).

DCF is just one of our local fresh vegetable suppliers for the co-op. We also source our vegetables from the Port Kembla-based Urban Grown, and to supplement those items we can’t source locally, we source items from the Organic Markets in Sydney and from Foodies.

Each supplier has a different pricing system – some produce is individually priced by item, while Dapto group the produce into group A, B, C etc. So if you’re unsure of the origin and pricing, just check the label on the produce. It will identify the supplier and the pricing system.

And last of all, many of our members have surplus garden produce or eggs. Please don’t let them go to waste, bring them along to the store. They are “sold” by donation, with donations going toward the current Charity of the Quarter.