Help Needed – Fund a Fridge!

You may have noticed our dear old grey fridge has finally passed on. We inherited it from Alfalfa House in Enmore, one of the longest running food co-ops in Australia. Our wonderful volunteer fridge doctor extraordinaire Mick has kept it limping along for the past few years but its time to go to the metal recyclers for its next life.

The demise of the old fridge has meant the removal of an energy-hungry, noisy eyesore (there, I can say it now that it has left us for ever!) BUT it has left us without cool storage for our fresh vegies. And with the advent of spring and lots of fresh produce available in our local area, we’d love to take advantage and offer lots of variety. But we need cold storage for the fresh veg, so we desperately need a large new display fridge to replace the grey monster.

Can you help? We are seeking donations towards the purchase of a new fridge. You can make a donation at the store, (think about this – if every member donates just $5 or so we’d soon have enough money for a new fridge). Or contact us here if you’d like to make a larger contribution via bank deposit. Or perhaps you know where we can source a suitable display fridge for a great price? Let us know here!

(And sorry grey monster, you served us well, thanks for all the loud singing. All the best, you’ll love the metal recyclers, and they will love you back.)