Events – Join the Party People!

It’s been a HUGE year for Flame Tree, and we’ve been involved in numerous community events, most of them managed and arranged by the wonderful Nadia Szimhart, our retiring Events Co-ordinator. Nadia, along with Kazie Bent and other helpers (Cath Blakey! Cherry Hardaker! Jane Caldwell! Luke Murphy!) managed to arrange an impressive array of events and stalls this year: THANK YOU Nadia! THANK YOU Kazie! Thankyou Luke, Cath, Cherry, Jane, Lizzie, Vanessa and all the other volunteers who’ve helped promote our Co-op.

We had a beautiful celebration for the entire evening of Earth Hour, and Tea Tasting at the store during the Thirroul Seaside Festival. We had a lovely Volunteers Picnic at the beautiful Thirroul Railway Institute hall. And we hosted 60 people from Wollongong Council for a workshop (including an introduction to the Co-op, and making raw love balls and tea tasting). We had a stall at the Botanic Gardens’ Our Backyard festival, at the Illawarra Flame Solar House’s Innovations Campus open day, and many other community events.

Participating in these events helps raise our profile, and get the message out to the wider community about our aims and values. And it’s FUN!

CAN YOU HELP? Do you like a party? We need a new Events Coordinator and/or Committee volunteer. Can you spare some time occasionally to manage our presence at these events? Would you like to come along and staff a stall, or help out at events at the store?

Mostly, these events happen on weekends, so if you’re stuck at home or in an office during the week, here’s your chance to get our and meet our community, and have fun while helping the Co-op. It’s a really fun way to earn volunteer credits. Contact us here if you can help.