The Fridge Fund

Welcome to the marvellous new fridge – all those who’ve been down to the shop lately will have seen it. What a difference it makes to have a big space for our chilled products and fresh produce. (And WE NO LONGER HAVE TO SHOUT TO BE HEARD OVER THE NOISE OF THE OLD ONE – oops, we’d gotten used to shouting!)

And THANKYOU Cherry for all your hard work in sourcing and selecting. And thankyou to all who have donated towards the purchase of the fridge.

All produce donated in the last couple of months has been sold to help towards paying off the new fridge. Matty Woods and Keely Bloom’s trailer-load of donated oranges kick-started the fund-raising. THANKS Matty and Keely!

And once again this year Cleo Olivera has chosen to donate her delicious annual avocado crop (thankyou Cleo!) Have you tried Cleo’s avocados? They are great – firm, creamy flesh, delicious. Be sure to pay a good market price for them, and your money will help pay off the fridge.

We’re yet to reach our target for the fridge fund, so if you have excess produce to donate, we’d love to have it! Bring it along to the shop or contact us at