Have you tried freekeh? It’s a product made from green grain, usually wheat. Flame Tree now stocks cracked freekeh, grown in South Australia. Our freekeh is made from durum wheat. Freekeh has a lower GI than ripe wheat, and has higher quanties of nutrients. 
Read more about freeka by clicking this link.
I made some freekeh vegetable loaves recently – vegan and delicious, with absolutely everything sourced from the Flame Tree Coop, the Thirroul Community Garden, or my own back yard. I cooked the freekeh as per rice (absorption method) then added whatever I had gathered from the co-op or gardens -grated onion, garlic, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, and some herbs rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme and parsley. Some fresh chilli, a little besan flour (chickpea flour) to bind it. Then grease a couple of loaf pans, line them with pumpkin seeds and press the mixture in. Cover with more pumpkin seeds. Bake in a moderate oven til done. Slice and serve with garlic mash. And great for freezing too. Look online for more inspirational freekeh recipes – or if you have a good one to share, please send it on in.