AGM 2016

Attention Co-op Members, the Co-op’s 2016 Annual General Meeting is on soon!

AGM Details

Date  Thursday 24th November, 2016
Time  7:30pm
Location  At the Co-op


  1. We will hear reports on the co-op’s activities, both financial and otherwise, for the year.
  2. Current directors will come to the end of their term.
  3. Directors for the next year will be elected.
  4. We will affirm the rate of directors’ pay (which has historically been zero).

A regular co-op meeting discussing operational matters will follow the AGM.

Becoming a Director

At this meeting, all current Directors will resign from their positions and elections will be held to fill the places. The Co-op has 5 Directors, including a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Nominees must be active members of the Co-op (annual subs up-to-date and have shopped at the Co-op at least once in the past 12 months) and must be at least 18 years old.

The role is voluntary and you will be entitled to a Permanent Volunteer discount for the duration of your time as Director. See here for information about being a Director, and here for our description of the role. This link takes you to the Department of Fair Trading guidelines on the duties and responsibilities of a Director.

Would you like to nominate for our board? We welcome your application.

Nomination procedures:

  1. Provide a notice in writing consenting to your nomination. This must be signed by you.
  2. Ensure your nomination is signed by 2 or more members.
  3. Provide brief details of your qualifications and experience. Include length of previous service as a director of any other co-operative, if applicable.
  4. Lodge your nomination with one of the current Directors in person, or to, or send to PO Box 178, Thirroul 2515.

The election will take place at the AGM. If there are exactly 5 nominees, then the nominees will be automatically elected. If there are more than 5 nominees, then a ballot will be held. If there are less than 5 nominees, then those nominees will be elected and nominations for people to fill the remaining vacancies shall be called from the floor and a ballot held if required.

We hope to see you there!