How to Shop at the Co-op

1. Wash Your Hands

Packaged items are handled just like any other shop, but bulk goods have their own system and it starts with washing your hands. The sink is at the back of the shop to the right.

You’ll need containers to put your goodies into. You can bring your own, or you can use the ones that others have donated – they’re in boxes under the centre console. We also sell new jars if you would prefer to buy them. Or you can use paper bags at a cost of 10c each.

2. Weigh Your Containers

First weigh your empty containers and record the weight. Usually people write the weight on the jar with the marker pen provided. TIP: Make sure you weigh the jar with the lid on, or you will pay extra at the till for the weight of the lid.

3. Fill Your Containers

Then use the scoops and utensils provided to transfer your goodies into containers. Put the used scoops into the “Used” container on the centre console and we’ll wash them up.

As a member of the organisation, you are encouraged to be very involved by wiping up spills, moving packaged goods to the front when some have been taken, and so on. If you are inducted as a volunteer, it is also very much appreciated when you take a moment to refill an empty jar or help out in some small way while you are shopping.

4. Come To The Till

At the till, we enter the weight of your full jar and then subtract the weight of your empty jar to calculate the cost so you’re not paying for packaging, just product.

Four easy steps to shopping at the co-op