Charity of the Quarter

Flame Tree Co-op collects donations for various charities. Each quarter we choose a charity from members’ suggestions and the donations collected in the jar on the counter go to that charity. We can also make direct donations to charities when our surplus is high, but our aim is to run at minimal surplus just to provide for a rainy day.

When we’re saving up for a particular expense, we make that acquisition the charity of the quarter. That’s how we raised the money for a new fridge in the shop, and the upcoming new POS system.

Charities We’ve Supported

The idea of collecting for a nominated charity was formalised in late 2011, so there is a small but growing list of organisations we have donated to. Below is a summary of the charities we’ve supported over the years.

Most of 2014 – POS system for the co-op

4th quarter, 2013 – Fridge Fund for the co-op

3rd quarter, 2013 – Stop CSG Illawarra

2nd quarter, 2013 – Thirroul Community Garden

1st quarter, 2013 – Humane Society International

Most of 2012 – Shop fit-out for the co-op

1st quarter, 2012 – ausEE Inc.

4th quarter, 2011 – ACON