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Co-ops are all about involvement and there are many ways you can be involved.

Become a Member

If you spend more than $5 a week in the co-op, it pays to join. For $35 a year, you get a 10% discount. 99% of our sales are to members because all our regular shoppers can see the benefit in it.

See our Membership page for more detail.


The co-op runs on an estimated 98% volunteer labour, and volunteers are well rewarded too, with a 25% discount. The most important volunteer role is staffing the shop, and there are also other things to be done too.

See the Volunteering page for more about what you can do.

Donate Resources

We have a Wish-list of things that we’re looking to acquire. If you can see a way you can help us out, we’d love to know about it.

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We send out a newsletter no more than once a month, advising of events we’re hosting, specials and product news, and occasionally something that someone we know is doing, if it’s exciting and related to what we’re about.

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