Being A Director

Our Co-op is overseen by a Board of Directors whose job it is to act in the best interests of the Co-op to guide its success. Directors have a range of legal obligations which come from general law, legislation and the rules of our Co-op.

Directors meet at least once every three months to review strategic direction and business priorities for the Co-op. As we are a small co-operative, Directors are also involved in day-to-day operations, working alongside the larger co-ordinating group that meets monthly.

The types of activities Directors undertake are:

  • development of basic guidelines for the control of the business activities of the Co-op;
  • appointment, supervision and removal of paid staff;
  • calling of special meetings whenever necessary or upon the request of members as provided in the rules;
  • approval of general business arrangements such as entering into contracts with suppliers;
  • settlement of arrangements for handling funds and the designation of the people who may sign cheques;
  • ensuring that an adequate bookkeeping system is maintained, that regular financial reports are done and that a complete record of board meetings is kept;
  • ensuring that the organisation establishes and maintains systems of internal control, and supervision and safe custody of appropriate documents;
  • reviewing operating results in order to determine whether policies should be continued, changed or dropped; and
  • taking active and energetic steps to keep members fully informed of the organisation’s activities and problems.

For a more detailed view of what is expected of Directors, see the Directors Job Description.

Elections for Directors are held at the AGM in November each year with vacancies advertised within the membership. If you are interested in contributing to your Co-op as a Director or want more information, please contact us.