Co-operatives are all about membership. The members own, manage and operate the business. At Flame Tree, over 95% of our sales are made to members because people who start off as customers soon find it makes sense to join.

The deal

  • Membership costs $35 per year.
  • Membership is granted to a household, so you may list anyone you live with, who you wish to be able to share your membership.
  • Relatives and friends who do not live with you will need to take out their own membership in order to receive a discount. Visitors may use your membership while they are visiting you.
  • Members receive a 10% discount on most items. (Items already discounted in some other way may be excluded.)
  • Members elect the Directors at the Annual General Meeting held in November. Major decisions that come up from time to time are also put to members at Special General Meetings.

Click here to see the information pack for prospective members. Note that the pack says it includes the most recent financial report, but for technical reasons that report is available hereinstead, at the moment.

To join, you will need to come into the shop. After all, that’s what joining is all about!

Greater involvement

As a member of the co-op, you are now in a position to get involved in the operation. It is a democratic business model, so that means decisions are made collectively at meetings, but more importantly it means that the business is run by many of us all pitching in. See the Volunteering page to get on board.

Ordinary operational decisions are discussed at monthly coordinating meetings, and particular financial and strategic decisions are made by the Directors. Many small decisions are also made by individual coordinators or small groups. See the How We Operate page for more information.

The Rules

The full rules document is found here (link to come). Key things to be aware of are:

  • Paying membership fees is the only requirement for active membership.
  • Membership fees are due on the anniversary of the date of joining.
  • Members are only entitled to a discount when their fees are up to date.
  • A member whose fees are overdue by more than three months will be deemed to have resigned membership.
  • To rejoin after resigning, it is only necessary to pay the membership fee and identify which member it is for.
  • When a member rejoins after resigning by any method, the membership fee will then be due on the anniversary of the date of rejoining.