Three volunteers at the till
Three volunteers at the till

There are many ways to volunteer with the co-op (see below) but obviously the most important role is Shop Volunteer! We have about 20 regular volunteers and 30 casual volunteers and we always welcome more.

There are busy periods and quiet periods but shifts in the shop are always a pleasure. A typical shift is 2 to 3 hours but you can choose the hours you will work and you don’t have to work long, if you don’t want to. Check out the position description below to see what you would do on a typical shop shift.

All the organising and behind the scenes work is done by volunteers as well, so you are welcome to get involved in other ways too if you have the time and / or skills required.

98% of the work done at the co-op is voluntary. Unless otherwise specified, these roles are all voluntary positions.

Shop Volunteer

Job Description

hours as agreed by the volunteer
performed voluntarily; shop discounts given

The purpose of this position is to help people to buy local, organic or ecologically farmed, unpackaged food from the co-op.


Throughout the day:
– Greet customers as they come in, and help them work out the place if needed
– Keep the shop clean and pleasant to be in
– Keep containers stocked up so that products are available
– Help customers with shop systems and with opening containers, etc.
– Direct customers to the hand-washing station when required
– Serve customers at the till (see checklist for detailed guidance)
– Email receipts as necessary
– Tidy display:freshen up veg, fill the vertical racks where possible,bring jars/packets to the front, turn labels to the front
– Monitor food for freshness

To express interest in volunteering in any area, please contact us