Wish List

Here is a selection from the list of things we hope to acquire in the future. If there is a way you can help to make any of these wishes come true, please contact us.


For the local tempeh, bread, icy poles and sweet treats.


Until we get a cool room.

Cool Room

So we can expand our supply of fresh local produce and dairy.

Book Shelves

To display chocolate bars.

Shelf Construction

For the 12 gravity fed bins that were donated, and 12 bulk bins we bought second-hand from Alfalfa house. All the bins are in the shop but not yet installed.

More Gravity Dispensers

Like this one…

a gravity fed dispenser

or these simpler ones…

other gravity-fed dispensers

Glass Door Insulation

The back door is on the northern side of the Co-opp, exposed to the full sun, with the air-conditioner positioned right above it. The air conditioner keeps the goods cooler, but it would be working a lot less hard if the window didn’t let so much heat in.