"Real food" sign

Flame Tree chooses products based on a few simple and important criteria:

• Local
Local produce is fresher, supports the producers in this area, keeps money circulating in the local economy and cuts down on the environmental impacts that stem from food transportation.

• Organic
Buying organic  and pesticide-free produce supports the growers who are taking the care to grow using these methods. It also helps reduce the quantities of serious toxins entering the soil and water, not to mention entering our bodies!

• Unpackaged
We provide an opportunity to buy the product without the packaging, wherever possible, making cost savings as well as reducing plastic consumption.

• Healthy
The co-op also sprang out of a desire to be an accessible source of wholesome foods. We stock a wide range of wholefoods and also cater to special dietary needs.

For more information on the products we stock, please see the pages listed below.

Fresh Fruit & Veg

Dairy & Fridge Products


Healthy Treats

Special Orders

For product suggestions, please contact us.