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We have some items come through the shop that seem very useful, if we can find the right person for them. We hate to send anything to landfill, and even sending things to the recycling centre is a poor second to having things used as they are.

Here are the things we often have available. Just get in touch if you can make use of anything.

10L square bucket
10L square bucket

10L Square Buckets

We get honey delivered in them. They have lids that seal well.


25L round bucket
25L round bucket

25L Round Buckets

We get coconut oil in them. They have lids that seal well.


20L Square Plastic Bottles

20L bottle
20L bottle

We get liquid soap, dishwashing liquid, and laundry liquid in them. They have lids, stoppers and taps.

Softwood pallet

Softwood Pallets

One of our large deliveries comes on a pallet. They’re the lightweight ones, and not considered to be returnable.

Large Plastic Sacks

woven plastic sack
plastic sack – woven type

Some of our nuts and pulses come in clear bags of heavy plastic. Some others come in the bags of woven plastic like feed bags.

small plastic tongs

Small Plastic Tongs

Every box of dates we order comes with a free pair of plastic tongs. We now have dozens of them.