Special Orders

We encourage shoppers who like to purchase large quantities of a particular product, or products, to place a special order. This means we can maintain supply in the shop and still supply a special order.

We are also able to make special orders for items that are not sold at the co-op but that we can source from our suppliers, such as glass jars or specialty dry goods.

Special order quantities

• For most dry goods (eg. flour, rolled oats, dried beans) the minimum quantity that can be pre-ordered is 5kg. Many of these items are also available to order in quantities of 12.5kg and 20kg.

• The minimum quantity for coffee and tea is 1kg.

• The minimum quantity for milks is 12 litres (one box).

At times we may ask shoppers to pay upfront for their order if it is a special item because, if you change your mind, it may be difficult to find another purchaser, and the co-op will incur freight costs returning the item to the supplier.

How to request a special order

Please fill in the form below with details of the items you would like to order. The Orders Coordinator will then contact you to confirm if the items are available, the price and estimated pick up day.

Picking up your order

When your special order is ready to pick up from the shop, we will be in contact, using the details you supply on the form below.

Special Order Form

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If you don't wish to correspond by email, you can still place a special order by coming into the shop or calling 02 4267 5792.

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You can ask questions here or specify what you'd like to order.

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